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Baby weight machine | Commercial weight machine prices

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Baby weight machine-Commercial weight machine prices


Babies grow quickly and parents love to keep track of height and weight of their growing baby. Baby weight scales of many brands are available in the market. The qualities to consider in the case of baby weight scales are safety, precision and durability.

One type of Baby weight scales come in the form of hanging dials with a seat hung from the hook of the balance. The seat secures the safety of the baby. A typical baby weighing scale (hanging dial type) has baby-hanging trousers attached at its end.

Another range of baby weight scales consist of basin type weighing platforms above a weight scale in which baby can be safely placed while taking a reading. Examples: The MyWeigh MBS 2010 digital baby scale offers 40 pounds weighing capacity and increments in ½ oz graduations. The SECA 334 baby scales weighing tray is spacious and comfortable for a baby and its Liquid Crystal Display makes weighing easier.

Health-o-Meter has come out with an innovation. It has a sanitary child seat for safety and comfort. It has a physician balance beam with die cast, easy reading, and rotating kilo/pound beam. It has a heavy-duty steel and lever system. It reads in Pounds and Kilograms.

Another popular model is the SECA Medical 728 neonatal scale. It has a PC interface (RS 232) and is suitable for the needs of the pediatric and neo natal wards. It is one of the

best baby weighing scales to be used where the smallest fluctuations in the weight of the infant are crucial to its life and health.

Baby weight is of great worry for new parents. Usually a chubby baby is considered synonymous with healthy baby. But doctors know better- babies vary in weight and height greatly and their measurements till age two are not predictive of their weight and height as adults.

But a baby’s weight may be of concern under two conditions. First, a baby weighing less than 5.5 pounds at birth maybe considered a low birth-weight baby. It may have a higher risk of developmental problems than a normal baby. It may be caused by poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy. Second condition is when baby grows at a slower rate than normal. It may be a physical problem or due to emotional neglect.

But a baby’s health is determined not only by its weight and height but also other features like skin tone, muscle tone, energy level and activities like rolling, sitting up and grasping.

Baby weight scales are required for babies who are sick, premature at birth and also to enjoy their growing stages.

Here are a selection of baby weighing scales that will give you accurate weighings when you want to check the weight of your baby as it grows.

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